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Damask Bags

The perfect marriage of fashion and function.

Damask pattern fabric tote bags, in fashion colors, plenty of pockets and hidden pouches for necessities.

Monogram weekend damask totes, open carry-all totes, damask lunch totes, and black and white damask duffels for the gym. Classy and functional.

Damask Hipster Bag
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There is a school of thought that dictates that with an improvement in aesthetics comes an improvement in mood. At Simply Bags, we wholeheartedly believe this philosophy, and strive diligently to make sure that all of our bags are as well-constructed and functional as they are pleasing to look at. There’s just something about carrying a bag that is beautiful that makes you feel more pulled-together, fashion-forward, and chic. When something beautiful can also serve an important day-today function, you’ve got the perfect accessory. There is probably no better example of this marriage of fashion and function than our Personalized and Monogram Damask Bags.

Damask Bags have been a popular fashion accessory now for many seasons running, and for good reason. Their trendy colors and bright, whimsical patterns make packing your belongings to take from hither to yon a pleasurable event, and not just a chore. Monogram damask bags make perfect monogram diaper bags for new mothers, shopping totes, embroidered cosmetic bags, and even school event bags. At Simply Bags, we carry elegant, sophisticated damask prints in everything from the smallest cosmetic cases to generously-sized totes large enough to carry a weekend’s worth of gear or a feast large enough to feed the whole family.

Our damask patterns are available in a vast array of trendy colors: black, purple, fuchsia, orange, olive – and those are but a few of the options! All of our damask bags can be personalized with a one to three-letter monogram, a name, or a logo, making them the perfect gift items for bridal parties, new graduates, or frequent travellers. At simply bags, there is no minimum order size, so if you have an idea for a customized damask bag, give us a call! We love hearing from our customers, and will work hard to ensure that you get the perfect bag for your occasion!