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Browse our large selection of Insulated Lunch Bags, with complimentary personalized embroidery or monogramming.

Brown bag lunches are a thing of the past. Packing a healthy lunch in a cute, functional and reusable tote bag is the wise thing to do.

Our childrenís lunch bags and personalized backpacks can be found in our Kidís Bags section.


Custom & Logo Lunch Bags
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Monogrammed Lunch Tote Bag
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$15.99
Paisley Insulated Lunch Tote
Price: $24.99
Camo Lunch Bag
Price: $14.99
Fabric Lunch Bag
Price: $14.99
Insulated Lunch Cooler
Price: $14.99
Paisley Cooler Bag
Price: $14.99
Insulated Lunch Bag
Price: $16.99
Quilted Lunch Tote
Price: $25.95
Quilted Lunch Bag
Price: $21.99
Lunch Totes for Women
Price: $17.99
Cow Print Lunch Tote
Price: $22.99
Zebra Lunch Bag
Price: $19.99
Lunch Tote
Regular price: $24.99Sale price:$11.99
Leopard Print Lunch Bag
Price: $23.99
Snake Print Lunch Tote
Price: $24.99
Insulated Work Lunch Bag
Price: $21.99
Black Lunch Cooler Bag
Price: $22.99
Owl Lunch Box
Price: $16.99
Cute Lunch Bag
Price: $15.99
Zebra Print Lunch Bags
Price: $16.99
Peace Lunch Tote
Regular price: $13.99Sale price:$9.99
Plaid Lunch Bag
Regular price: $27.99Sale price:$21.99
Nurse Lunch Bag
Price: $13.99
Lunch Purse
Price: $14.99
Damask Lunch Tote Bag
Price: $14.95
Insulated Tote Bag
Price: $32.99
Woods Lunch Box
Price: $19.99
Messenger Lunch Bag
Price: $26.99
Reusable Lunch Bag
Price: $31.99
Men's Lunch Tote
Price: $14.99

Remember your school days, when lunch meant a small, wrinkled brown paper bag with a sandwich, an apple, and if you were lucky, maybe even (fingers crossed) a brownie for dessert? At Simply Bags, we're happy to announce that the days of the brown paper bag lunch are really and truly over. With so much more emphasis being placed on nutrition these days, the modern lunchbox has undergone a bit of a makeover; it needs to not only act as a carry-all, it must also keep ingredients and flavors as fresh as when they were made. The modern lunch bag has therefore transformed itself into a sleeker, more decorative, and functionally-insulated version of itself.


Our personalized lunch bags meet the demands of a more modern lunch crowd; they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and there is truly something for everyone. We carry sizes that range from the smaller fold-top lunch bags to the larger, messenger-style insulated bags. So no matter how big or small your appetite, we can accommodate you.  Likewise, we carry a variety of designs; from our quietly elegant Quilted Lunch Tote to the riotous patterns of the Zebra, Paisley, and Camo lunch bags, you are bound to find a design that suits the tastes of just about everyone in the family. 


In addition to the variety of styles and patterns we carry, all of our insulated lunch bags are crafted with water-repellent fabrics and insulated to keep the heat, or the cold, from escaping. All of our lunch bags, purses, messengers, and totes can be personalized with our complementary embroidery service.


Please note that in addition to the selections below, we have additional children's styles available which can be found by visiting our Kidís Lunch Bag page. As with our other personalized lunch bags, our kids bags include a wide variety of designs, including some fun patterns especially for children.