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Themed Bags

Theme Tote Bags. Great gifts for friends, employee gift exchange, hostess or party gift.

Thoughtful and practical. Individual personalized tote bags for music teacher, and personalized tote bags for dance or nurse.

Fun and functional tote bags for hairdresser and photo tote bags.

Monogram for an individual and personal gift. Add a name or initials, or something witty and cute.

Gift service and nationwide shipping from Simply Bags.

Personalized Registered Nurse Tote Bag
Price: $24.99
Nurse Lunch Bag
Price: $13.99
Teacher Tote Bag | Monogram | Personalized
Price: $26.99
Photo Tote Bag
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$9.99
Custom Jute tote Bag
Price: $17.99
Beautician Tote Bag - Personalized | Embroidered
Price: $24.99
Nurse Tote Bag
Price: $29.99
Personalized Dog Tote
Price: $17.99
Teacher Bags
Price: $32.99
Fight Like A Girl Tote
Regular price: $34.99Sale price:$14.99
Music Tote  Bag
Price: $21.99
Bible Cover Bag
Price: $17.99
Holiday Tote
Regular price: $25.99Sale price:$9.99
Easter Bunny Tote
Regular price: $16.99Sale price:$9.99
Personalized Santa Gift Bag | Embroidered
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$9.99
Personalized Holiday Jute Tote Bag
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$13.99

We all know someone who has their “thing”; that one pastime that really seems to make him or her come alive. Maybe it’s a sport, maybe it’s something tangible like a sailing boat, or perhaps it is something as simple as cherishing some precious time spent curled-up with a great book. Whatever that person in your life might be into, when you feel you want to show your appreciation, Simply Bags has the perfect gift.

Themed tote bags are great gifts for friends, teachers, hairdressers, or anyone else that you care to let know show your appreciation. Everyone, no matter who they are, will finds themselves needing to tote things backwards ad forwards to and from work from time to time. Thoughtful and practical, the individual nature of a personalized theme bag is a gift that can be put to use straight away.

A monogram theme bag from Simply Bags lets that special person know that you are thinking about them, and that you have taken a notice of their interests and gone the extra mile to create something unique. From individual tote bags for teacher and dance to mini storage baskets and bible covers, we carry something for everyone.

Our personalized themed tote bags are both fun and functional, and are especially handy to have on hand during the holidays, when everything from prepared meals to mountains of gifts must be transported from one place to another.

At Simply Bags, all of our themed tote bags are available for Monogramming. Choose a three-letter monogram, a name, or something witty – the sky’s the limit!

In addition to our fully-customizable themed tote bags, Simply Bags offers a gift service and ships nationwide, so if you’re looking for that perfect gift (or perhaps you are shopping for yourself) but aren't sure where to start, give us a call. We look forward to working with you!