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Personalized Tote Bags

If you are looking for personalized tote bags with this year's fashion fabrics and latest trends, Simply Bags is the custom monogram store for you. Our individual totes are fun, usable and well received. Our experienced staff is ready to work with you to create the perfect custom or personalized logo bag.

Our specialty is custom logo tote bags for destination weddings, warm or cool weather corporate events, school team bags, employee recognition, media campaigns, product introduction or sporting events.

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With tote bags being ‘the’ must-have accessory for any season and any occasion – we offer a stunning range for you to choose from. Our bags can be customized with a single name to create a unique and thoughtful gift. They can also be embroidered with a company logo or club emblem, making them ideal to offer as premium promotional giveaways.

What Size Tote Bag Do You Need?

Tote bags come in all sizes. Choosing the correct size will be determined primarily by what you want to use it for! Are you traveling, shopping or carrying the kids' toys to a play date? Then an extra large size is a must. For a professional, stylish look to take your laptop and files to work, choose a tote that is medium and slim. A small, luxurious tote will add the perfect finishing touch to your evening ensemble.

What are Personalized Tote Bags used for?

Personalized totes are ideal for private functions ranging from fun beach parties to formal weddings. When you are looking for a corporate gifting idea, customized totes are ideal for raising brand awareness at outdoor events, trade shows, business fairs and markets. They also make perfect giveaways at charity, fundraising and sporting events.

Personalized totes are ideal for a wide range of applications. Here are some ideas to get your imagination going!

1) Perfect Bridesmaid Bags

Planning a wedding takes hours of work - attending to a myriad of details from food and lighting, to music and décor. And, not least of all – your bridesmaids! They will be your support team through all the stress and the strain - and thanking them on the day with a personalized gift is sure to make them feel extra special.

Delight your Bridesmaids by offering them a personalized bag that they will treasure as a keepsake for years to come. Your choice can be a large tote with an eye-catching design that they can use on the beach or for shopping. We also have a fabulous range of elegant and stylish cosmetic bags. These are practical, compact and cute and will remind them of your grand event every time they use the bag.

A fun idea that is all the rage is to give bridesmaids a “survival” kit to make them laugh – choose a small bag and fill it with essentials! You need a tissue for the tears, a safety pin for last-minute mishaps, a teabag for that much-needed cup of refreshment and a Love Heart to show that you care.

No matter what type of personalized bag you choose for your Bridesmaids, we will help you create a wonderful memento of your special day.

2) Personalized Tote Bags for Teachers

Teachers are a vital part of our children’s lives from a young age up to adulthood. When it comes to gifting, it can be a challenge to decide what to give. You want your gift to be stylish, useful and stand out as a true reflection of your child’s feelings for a special and loved teacher.

Choosing a personalized bag is a fabulous idea. We have a huge range of styles and designs from small and luxurious clutch bags, to compact cosmetic pouches, large and fun totes, specialized lunch bags, travel duffels and sports bags. There is one to suit any teacher’s personality!
The bag can be customized with your teacher’s name or monogram to create a stylish present that is sure to be treasured.

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in early May. Don’t get caught at the last moment running around looking for a suitable gift. A beautiful bag with her name or initials will be well received.

To make your personalized gift bag even more special, your child can fill it with edible treats, a small gift and a hand made card. If you want to wow your teacher on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas or other religious holiday, a personalized bag is the perfect choice. As an end of school year gift, fill the bag with a lovely photo album with messages from all students in the class.

3) Personalized Bags for Kids

Our kids' bags are made to delight any young person! For boys, we have bags with wacky designs of crocodiles, sharks, emojis, camouflage, robots and superheroes. For girls, we have beautiful mermaids, princesses, butterflies, unicorns and rainbows.

Our bags come in the form of functional backpacks with loads of space and zipper pockets. We also have easy-to-carry lunch totes that are insulated to keep the contents fresh and cool. Heading to a play date is easy with our large totes, beach bags or duffels. Make the bag extra special by personalizing it with your child’s name.

Schools and pre-schools can welcome new students at their O-weeks and opening days with a bag personalized with their class or school emblem!

4) Nurses Totes

Nurses work tirelessly and often unnoticed for long hours. If you or a loved one has been helped and cared for by a special nurse, why not gift her with a unique present?

Personalized bags make a huge impact and become a treasured item that can be used daily or on special occasions. We have large totes that she can carry to work or use for shopping. A compact cosmetic pouch can slip into a tote for daily use. Beach bags are great for her vacation and an insulated lunch tote will give her a well-earned break during the day.

Whatever you choose, we can personalize the bag with a name, monogram or initials to add the perfect finishing touch.

5) Ladies Promotional Events

Are you planning a ladies event? It could be a luncheon, a seminar, a fundraising event or a rally! Offering an upscale, stylish and functional bag as a gift will make your business image stand out and raise brand awareness.

Premium promotional bags are never throw-away items – they remain in use long after your event is over. Your business name and unique logo will be seen in shopping malls, on the beach, at outdoor events and sports days, enhancing and solidifying brand recognition.

Our exceptional range of bags offers a wide choice for any type of ladies event. You are sure to find one that matches and enhances your company’s image. We have snazzy totes that can be used for shopping or carrying a laptop to a business meeting. We have trendy and colorful beach bags with a relaxed and fun vibe. Cosmetic pouches always make functional gifts and can be slipped into a tote for day to day use. For the lady on the run or in the office, an insulated lunch tote makes her day more enjoyable! Off on a business trip or a weekend break-away? A large duffel with pockets and secure zippers makes packing and traveling a breeze.

Whether your ladies function is casual or professional, a personalized bag embroidered with your business logo makes a statement. Fill them with samples or your products, promotional material or gifts. Every time a consumer uses the bag, they are showing off your company's name and logo.

6) Personalized Gift

Offering a personalized gift always has that little extra touch of sentiment and care. The recipient knows that you went the extra mile to choose something unique and special.

A bag personalized with a name, monogram or initials can be offered at any type of event or occasion. Do you want to say ‘I Love You’, ‘Thank You’ or ‘Well Done’? Are you looking for a birthday, anniversary, engagement or Sweet 16 gift idea? Make a personal connection and tailor the bag to suit the occasion. We have totes of all sizes, stylish cosmetic pouches, professional duffels for traveling, sports bags for fitness fans and fun colorful, trendy beach bags for those who want to relax!

7) Business Recognition

Motivate your staff and increase employee dedication when you gift achievers with a stunning bag, personalized with your corporate logo or their unique monogram. Our bags can be offered as prizes at team building events, at the completion of a business project or as year-end awards. With our large selection, it is easy to find a bag that compliments your business image.

8) Trade Show Branded Bags

Have you ever thought of having thousands of mini adverts for your business walking around large venues where they are seen by myriads of people? Trade shows, expos, business fairs and conventions are the perfect place to get brand exposure.

If you are organizing a trade show or are an exhibitor with a stall, choosing a trendy bag as a giveaway is the ideal promotional giveaway. We will personalize the bag with your company logo and you will see your brand awareness increase.

Bags last long after your event is over and will find their way into shopping malls, onto the beach, into airport terminals and large sports stadiums. No matter where they go, your business logo and name will be seen and recognized.

We have easy-carry totes that visitors can use to collect promotional material at the business event. We also offer stylish duffels that are ideal for travelers and business executives. Choose fun trendy and colorful beach bags or elegant cosmetic pouches for day to day use.

Don’t forget the little ones! Children are the next generation of consumers and personalizing a cool monster backpack for boys or a lovely princess backpack for girls will get your brand image into schools and playgrounds.

If you need any information – give us a call or drop us an email. Our professional and friendly team are always available to help and offer ideas.

As always we pride ourselves on superior customer service and attention to every detail. We strive to embroider and ship your order within one business day.