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Beach Bags

A personalized beach bag from Simply Bags is a chic and convenient way to transport all of your beach day supplies.

Whether you are headed to the shore, the pool, or out for a day of summer shopping or boating, our personalized bags are an excellent way to tote all of your beach toys, sandwiches, or cold drinks in one trip.


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Striped Canvas Tote
Price: $24.99
Cloth Tote Bag
Price: $13.99
Personalized Weekender Summer Tote Bag
Price: $22.99
Canvas Beach Bag
Price: $19.99
Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Price: $17.99
Extra Large Beach Tote
Price: $23.99
Canvas Tote Bags
Price: $20.99
Personalized Jute Bag
Price: $15.99
Hobo Tote Bags
Price: $22.99
Stylish Cooler Bag
Price: $31.99

Beach Bag Information

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How to Select the Best Beach Bags?
Are Beach Bags Water-Proof?
What is a Beach Bag?
Types of Beach Bags
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How to Select the Best Beach Bags?

A great beach bag needs to be spacious and tough, ready to tote all your necessities onto the sand and back to the boardwalk. It must be waterproof, sand proof and have many cleverly designed compartments. And – it should look super stylish doing all of this!

With so many beach bags out there - how do you choose the best beach bag for your next vacation? After trying out many designs, styles, shapes and sizes, a few key factors stand out when making your choice.

  1. It must be lightweight. Because the bag is going to be filled with tons of stuff – towels, sunscreen, magazines, books, snacks, kiddies beach toys and games – it needs to start off being light. No point adding extra weight with a material that is heavy.

  2. Easy to grab-and-go. A bag with carry handles, side handles and an adjustable shoulder strap offers extra convenience. Use the handles to load it into and out of the car. Then, sling it for a casual hands-free look as you sashay onto the sand.

  3. Load of easy-to-access compartments. Don’t scrounge around in one mega-sized compartment, searching for things, when you would rather be soaking up the sun and admiring the ocean view. Many small, cleverly designed compartments or dividers allow you to separate your belongings. Keep car keys, sunshades and mobile phones safe in a secure, zippered inner pocket. Slip magazines or a book into a side pocket. Sunscreen and lip balm can nestle together, wet towels and bathing suits need a water-proof section. A mesh side pocket for your water bottle is a must and a section for snacks is an added bonus.

  4. Choose waterproof and sand proof! Best beach bags are manufactured from waterproof, water resistant or quick-drying fabrics. A mesh bottom is ideal for allowing sand to filter out. You don’t want to carry the beach back to your hotel room or find that the last chapter of your spine-tingling novel is damp, soggy and illegible.

  5. Flat bottom and wide top opening. Plan a beach picnic, knowing that your beach bag is up to the challenge. It will stand upright on a flat base, keeping your MasterChef salads and sandwiches right-side-up. The top opens fully with a durable zipper so you can easily unpack and re-pack food containers, utensils and plates.

  6. Best beach bags don’t compromising on style. Your beach bag compliments and enhances your designer swimwear look. It should be bright and bold and shout ‘Fun In The Sun’. Vibrant Summer colors, cool modern or classic patterns and trendy Boho tribal designs are all the rage. Your bag needs to ‘pop’ so you can feature it in a selfie or a group photo with friends and family. When you emerge from the water, it is great to be able to spot your bag easily and make your way back to your little piece of beach paradise.

  7. Attention to detail. Check out zippers, rivets and grommets. If they are made of Stainless Steel, they are less likely to rust and corrode after being exposed to salty sea air and sea water. This will give your bag longer life and it will always look brand new.

  8. Folds up small is a big win. When your holiday is done, you want a beach bag that packs down well and fits easily into a carry-on or travel suitcase. At home, it can be stored, taking up minimal space in a closet, waiting for your next trip to an exotic island destination.

Are Beach Bags Water-Proof?

So, what makes a Beach Bag waterproof versus water-resistant?

Waterproof Beach Bag is covered or treated with a material (such as a solution of rubber) to avoid permeation by water, water-resistant Beach Bag is treated with a finish that is resistant but not impervious to penetration by water. The two main factors are coated zippers and waterproof fabric.

Does it really matter – You’re going to the Beach!

What is a Beach Bag?

Any large Tote Bag can be used as a beach bag and is typically made of canvas.  A Beach Bags’ main purpose is to carry personal items such as: bathing suits, towels, and suntan lotion, to and from a nearby beach or swimming pool. When rising temperatures begin to show the first signs of summer, our thoughts turn to those lazy summer days spent at the beach. Whether you love to snorkel, surf, or just spend the time quietly reading in your favorite beach chair, a day at the beach requires that you bring a fair amount of stuff with you; sunscreen, towels, sports equipment…entertainment for the whole family can certainly require a lot of gear!

This year, instead of precariously stuffing all of your beach supplies into grocery carrier bags or making multiple trips to and from the car, why not take to the beach in style with one of our colorful personalized beach bags?

Types of Beach Bags?

You can choose your personalized beach bag from our vast array of canvas boat bags, beach totes, and picnic and cooler bags. Our bags are created from a wide range of different materials and come in a range of sizes; from the slightly smaller Summer Shoulder Tote to our rope-handled Oversized Beach Bags, there is a size and shape to meet every need.

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