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New to Simply Bags is our large selection of canvas bags. Totes for the avid traveler needing a durable canvas duffel bag. Sail boaters, looking for an oversized canvas weekend bag for the day trip out to sea, the canvas boat totes will serve the purpose.

Always the perfect gift for the boating family or newly married couple, a canvas weekender tote bag, embroidered with the watercraft name, lake or bay.

The stripe canvas beach tote works for the family's day outing to the theme park or camping. College students in need of a canvas shoulder tote bag that meets their daily journey to class and back.


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Extra Large Canvas Boat Tote | Personalized
Regular price: $37.99Sale price:$26.99
Canvas Weekender Tote Bag | Monogram
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$14.99
Monogrammed Duffel Bags
Regular price: $49.99Sale price:$24.99
Woman's Travel Bag
Regular price: $32.99Sale price:$24.99
Monogrammed Handbag Tote | Canvas
Regular price: $41.99Sale price:$24.99
Monogram Tote Bag - Canvas
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$24.99
Embroidered Day Traveler Tote - Canvas
Regular price: $33.99Sale price:$22.99
Monogram Tote
Price: $25.99
Large Canvas Travel Tote | Personalized | Monogram
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$19.99
Vintage Retro Canvas Tote Bag
Regular price: $44.99Sale price:$19.99
Oversized Dark Canvas Boat Totes | Personalized
Regular price: $37.99Sale price:$26.99
Canvas Two Pocket Tote Bag
Regular price: $32.99Sale price:$14.99
Stylish Canvas Tote Fringed | Monogram
Regular price: $42.99Sale price:$24.99
Large Canvas Duffle Tote Bags
Regular price: $39.99Sale price:$29.99
Canvas Getaway Tote Bag - Monogram | Personalized
Regular price: $49.99Sale price:$24.99
Reach for Stars Canvas Tote Bag
Regular price: $43.99Sale price:$29.99
Monogram Canvas Lake Tote Bag
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$9.99
Womans Overnight Canvas Duffle | Monogram
Regular price: $49.99Sale price:$34.99
Around Town Canvas Cargo Tote Bag | Monogram
Regular price: $49.99Sale price:$29.99
Vintage Compass Tote Bag
Regular price: $39.99Sale price:$24.99
Canvas Totes | Personalized
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$22.99
Ladies Business Travel Duffle Bag
Regular price: $49.99Sale price:$27.99
Sling Shoulder Duffle Bag | Personalized
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$19.99
Tall  Ribbon Tote Bag | Personalized
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$19.99
Sling Canvas Duffel Bag | Monogrammed
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$19.99
Large Canvas Boat totes | Personalized
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$22.99
Striped Anchor Canvas Boat Totes | Monogram
Regular price: $39.99Sale price:$24.99
Monogram Canvas City Tote Bag | Embroidered
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$21.99
Monogrammed Boat Tote - Gone Fishing
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$11.99
Laptop Totes | Canvas Stripe
Regular price: $59.99Sale price:$34.99
Monogram Canvas Beach Tote - Stripe
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$9.99
Personalized Boat Tote
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$19.99
Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Regular price: $17.99Sale price:$9.99
Beach Tote with Anchor | Embroidered
Regular price: $23.99Sale price:$14.99
Canvas Beach Bag
Price: $19.99
Personalized Canvas Duffel Bag | Oversized
Regular price: $42.99Sale price:$26.99
Canvas Tote Bags
Regular price: $20.99Sale price:$14.99
Summer Tote
Regular price: $24.99Sale price:$19.99
Monogram Canvas Cosmetic Bag
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$9.99
Personalized Striped Beach Tote - Monogrammed
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$22.99
Canvas Weekender Travel Bag | Monogram | Personalized
Price: $24.99
Small Canvas Carry All Bag
Regular price: $25.99Sale price:$19.99

Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and trim. Quality finishing, craftsmanship and stylish with hand carry or over the shoulder options, you will have a canvas tote that has proven itself. Added embroidered personalization, a name, single letter or monogram to our canvas bags, for a classic look.

From generation to generation the canvas tote is the bag of choice, for its sturdy design and practical functionality. We are proud to offer a selection that will be everlasting in your wardrobe for years to come.