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Winter Clearance Sale Tote Bags

Shop our tote bag clearance shop for great buys on discontinued bags. Tote bags change every season so always stop back to take a peek.

Take advantage of our one of a kind bags with the same great style and quality at a reduced price. Quantities are limited. Check individual items for stock availability.

Personalized Holiday Jute Tote Bag
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$11.99
The City Wrap Women's Apparel | Monogram
Regular price: $39.99Sale price:$24.99
Zebra Purse
Regular price: $18.99Sale price:$9.99
Personalized Santa Gift Bag | Embroidered
Regular price: $24.99Sale price:$12.99
Mini Tote Bag
Regular price: $22.99Sale price:$9.99
Monogram Floral Tote Bag
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$14.99
Stylish Tech Bag
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$11.99
Camouflage Cosmetic Bag
Regular price: $24.99Sale price:$9.99
Herringbone Brown Winter Scarf - Monogram | Embroidered
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$7.99
Houndstooth Winter Scarf
Regular price: $18.99Sale price:$11.99
Monogram Plaid Winter Scarf
Regular price: $16.99Sale price:$11.99
Canvas Weekend Bag | Medium Size
Regular price: $42.99Sale price:$27.99
Weekender Carpet Bag
Regular price: $49.99Sale price:$14.99
Carry All Large Beach Tote
Regular price: $22.99Sale price:$9.99
Personalized Jute Bag
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$9.99
Embroidered Designer Beach Bag
Regular price: $18.99Sale price:$9.99
Monogrammed Summer Beach Tote
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$19.99
Personalized Kids Backpacks
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$7.99
Hobo Tote Bags
Regular price: $22.99Sale price:$9.99
Cosmetic Bag Organizers | Palm Pattern
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$7.99
Custom Jute tote Bag
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$9.99
Mosaic Print Accessory Pouch | Monogram
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$7.99
Geometric Lunch Tote - Letter A
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$4.99
Lunch Tote
Regular price: $24.99Sale price:$8.99
Summer Canvas Accessory Bags - 3 styles
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$8.99
Stylish Computer Tote Bag
Regular price: $44.99Sale price:$9.99
Flamingo Beach Tote Bag | Personalized
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$9.99
Anchor Beach Tote - Nautical Theme
Regular price: $22.99Sale price:$9.99
Monogram Striped Accessory Pouch
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$6.99
Monogram Scarves | Personalized
Regular price: $18.99Sale price:$11.99
Picture Purse Handbag
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$7.99
Girls Butterfly Lunch Tote
Regular price: $16.99Sale price:$4.99
Wine Cooler Bag
Regular price: $10.99Sale price:$4.99
Leopard Cosmetic Bag
Regular price: $16.99Sale price:$7.99
Flower Girl Bag
Regular price: $17.99Sale price:$5.99
Cool Diaper Bag
Regular price: $69.99Sale price:$9.99
Vinyl Owl Lunch Bag - Spider-Bugs
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$4.99
Polka Dot Cross Body Bag
Regular price: $13.99Sale price:$6.99
Damask Hipster Bag
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$5.99
Ipad Cover
Regular price: $37.99Sale price:$9.99
Stylish Beach Tote
Regular price: $24.99Sale price:$9.99
Personalized Girls Beach Tote
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$9.99
Briefcase Tote
Regular price: $28.99Sale price:$9.99
Jute Travel Bag  | Personalized
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$11.99
Monogram Nylon Cosmetic Bag
Regular price: $17.99Sale price:$7.99
Polka Dot Tote
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$7.99

At Simply Bags, we know that everybody loves a bargain, which is why we created the Simply Bags Clearance Shop. Here you can find some seriously deep discounts on a wide selection of our discontinued personalized tote bags. Love a great deal? Take a minute or two to see what we have in stock.

The Clearance Shop stock is constantly changing, as it is reflective of the variety of stock that we carry from all areas of our site. We have everything from printed and embroidered tote bags to monogrammed wine cooler bags, discontinued gifts for the bride and groom, and children's items, just to name a few. At Simply Bags, we are happy to be able to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of these high-quality, stylish tote bags at a greatly reduced price.

Quantities of our discontinued stock from the clearance shop are limited, so if you are interested in more than one of the same item, make sure and check the description for quantity available. If you are interested in a custom bag order and see something in our discontinued stock that catches your eye, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. Not only do we love hearing from our customers, we are always happy to work with you and make suggestions for products that might provide you with a solution to your query.

If you are looking for a gift with that personal touch, most of the products featured in our Clearance Shop are available for customization with either a one to three-letter monogram or name. Whatever your needs might be, the Simply Bags Clearance Shop is an ever-changing treasure trove of unique items at fantastic prices. Our clearance stock is constantly changing, so make sure to check back often to see what's new in the Clearance Shop!