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Cosmetic Bags

Never leave the house without the perfectly sized embroidered cosmetic bag from Simply Bags. A wide selection of designs, styles and patterns. They range from the now popular Greek key, chevron and medallion pattern to classic zebra, diamond and houndstooth will surely keep you shopping.

Personalized cosmetic bags are perfect for bridesmaid’s presents, party favours, milestone event gifts and dance or cheer groups. Customers call us after purchase to tell us how well received their monogram cosmetic bag was for the event. A useable and stylish reminder of your special event.

Personalized is always complimentary from Simply Bag.


Whatever the case may be, ask any woman, and she will likely tell you that her cosmetic bag is one of the most important organizational tools that she owns. Whether you’re spending a long day at work, going to and from the gym, or just need something in which to store your bare essentials for a long-flight, your cosmetic bag is destined to log some serious miles over the course of its life. It can be as light as a feather, carrying only a few minimal essentials, or perhaps a heavily weighted-down, inches-deep jumble of product mayhem.

At Simply Bags, we carry a wide selection of personalized and monogram cosmetic bags to meet the needs of all of our customers. From a rugged camouflage fold over bag to a trendy embroidered zebra print train style tote, we can come up with a design that fits into your lifestyle (not to mention your handbag) perfectly.

Looking for the perfect gift? Our personalized cosmetic bags have been one of our most popular sellers for bridesmaids; we hear positive feedback from our customers just about every day on how much their bridal parties adore their embroidered make up bags. At Simply Bags, it really doesn’t matter whether you are looking for gifts for a wedding party, college reunion, or a corporate or charity event – we love hearing from our customers, and would love working with you to create the perfect cosmetic bag for your special event.

Monogram embroidery is free of charge on our personalized cosmetic bags; choose a one to three-letter monogram or name to add that personal touch. Have something more specific in mind? We welcome all inquiries for custom orders, cheerleading groups, party favors, the list is endless and would love to help you in creating the perfect take-away gift to really make your special event shine.

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