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Celebrating A Special Event?

Simply Bags is pleased to offer our entire on-line selection of fashionable totes... travel, laptop, lunch, beach bags and so much more, available for embroidered logo customization.

Proudly display your company logo on a stylish and functional tote. Select a logo, crest, or group insignia. Custom bags are great for recognition, achievement awards or retirement gifts.

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We can design a custom tote bag for your special occasion.

Canvas Sports Drawstring with Accent Trim & Straps
Regular price: $5.89Sale price:$4.99
Cotton Canvas Drawstring Backpack
Regular price: $3.57Sale price:$2.98
Deluxe Customized Shopping Tote Bag
Regular price: $9.62Sale price:$8.97
Customized Contrast Canvas Tote Bag
Regular price: $8.97Sale price:$8.32
Zippered Customized Canvas Tote Bag
Regular price: $7.30Sale price:$6.62
Tri-Color Canvas Tote
Regular price: $5.72Sale price:$4.93
Accent Trim Deluxe Shopping Tote
Regular price: $8.39Sale price:$7.76
Custom Canvas Book Tote
Regular price: $6.37Sale price:$5.71
Custom Two Toned Gusset Tote
Regular price: $7.06Sale price:$6.41
Colorful Deluxe Boat Tote with Gusset
Regular price: $7.69Sale price:$6.72
Grey Heathered Deluxe Backpack
Regular price: $18.97Sale price:$18.02
Blue Heathered Deluxe Backpack
Regular price: $18.97Sale price:$18.02
Trendy Natural Cotton Canvas Backpack
Regular price: $13.72Sale price:$12.51
Trendy Brown Cotton Canvas Backpack
Regular price: $13.72Sale price:$12.51
Trendy Blue Cotton Canvas Backpack
Regular price: $13.72Sale price:$12.51
Two Toned Front Zippered Drawstring
Regular price: $2.49Sale price:$2.05
Two Toned Canvas Boat Bag
Regular price: $8.57Sale price:$8.03
Lightweight Two Toned Canvas Boat Bag
Regular price: $6.03Sale price:$5.24
Trendy Rope Handle Canvas Tote
Regular price: $8.95Sale price:$8.41
Clear PVC Stadium Drawstring
Regular price: $3.15Sale price:$2.57
Shimmer Custom Insulated Lunch Bag
Regular price: $5.02Sale price:$4.33
Large Zippered Insulated Lunch Tote
Regular price: $7.70Sale price:$6.23
Custom Multi-Use Insulated Lunch Bag
Regular price: $8.01Sale price:$7.23
Customized Messenger Bag with USB Port
Regular price: $33.76Sale price:$32.81
Custom Tablet Shoulder Bag
Regular price: $21.39Sale price:$20.26
Customized Pocket Sling Backpack
Regular price: $7.85Sale price:$6.93
Athens School Backpack with USB Cable
Regular price: $24.63Sale price:$23.57
Over Shoulder Sling Backpack
Regular price: $7.21Sale price:$6.19
Cabin Laptop Messenger Bag
Regular price: $12.83Sale price:$11.76
Strasbourg Messenger Laptop Bag
Regular price: $15.44Sale price:$14.19
Two Toned Messenger Laptop Bag
Regular price: $19.41Sale price:$18.32
Heathered Customized Messenger Bag
Regular price: $19.11Sale price:$18.03
Collapsible Soft Touch Running Backpack
Regular price: $11.22Sale price:$10.19
Ultimate Multipurpose Backpack| Customized
Regular price: $15.97Sale price:$14.92
Customized Multipurpose Two Toned Backpack
Regular price: $17.59Sale price:$16.42
Foldable Lightweight Backpack
Regular price: $8.78Sale price:$7.69
Customized Two-Toned Backpack
Regular price: $10.59Sale price:$9.47
Cross Body Backpack with USB Charging Port
Regular price: $14.29Sale price:$13.36
Minimalist Custom Backpack
Regular price: $19.85Sale price:$18.72
Cylindrical Duffle Sports Bag
Regular price: $6.37Sale price:$5.32
Non-Woven Duffle Bags
Regular price: $6.53Sale price:$5.47
Champion Two-Toned Duffle Bag
Regular price: $7.83Sale price:$6.71
Deluxe Customized Duffle Bags
Regular price: $27.39Sale price:$26.03
Custom Sports Duffle Bag
Regular price: $9.73Sale price:$8.64
Accent Color Fusion Duffle Bag
Regular price: $9.72Sale price:$8.68
Custom Court Duffle Bag
Regular price: $10.99Sale price:$9.05
Custom Accent Colored Messenger Bag
Regular price: $9.88Sale price:$8.92
Over-flap Messenger Laptop Bag
Regular price: $12.87Sale price:$11.81
Two Toned Aluminum Insulated Lunch Bag
Regular price: $5.62Sale price:$4.97
Customized Messenger Laptop Bag
Regular price: $8.93Sale price:$7.01
Accented Messenger Bag
Regular price: $14.03Sale price:$12.99
Two Toned Handled Messenger Bag
Regular price: $21.37Sale price:$20.04
Wave Messenger Bag|Customized
Regular price: $6.73Sale price:$5.92
Custom Color Accented Messenger Bag
Regular price: $7.16Sale price:$6.12
Customized 3 in 1 Convertible Messenger Bag
Regular price: $25.95Sale price:$24.72
Color Nylon School Backpack
Regular price: $4.59Sale price:$3.98
Canvas Shopping Tote
Regular price: $2.68Sale price:$2.23
Cooler Lunch Bag with Bottle Holder
Regular price: $7.52Sale price:$6.91
Multipurpose Insulated Lunch Bag
Regular price: $8.59Sale price:$7.86
Customized Velcro Insulated Lunch Bag
Regular price: $3.67Sale price:$2.98
Zippered Cooler Lunch Bag
Regular price: $8.04Sale price:$7.23
Customized Insulated Lunch Bag
Regular price: $5.62Sale price:$4.83
Insulated Traveler Lunch Bag|Customized
Regular price: $7.45Sale price:$6.83
Promotional Tote Bag
Price: $4.58
Custom Boat Bag
Price: $7.98
Custom Large Striped Canvas Tote
Price: $13.95
Logo Sport Bag
Price: $0.00

Custom Logo Bags from Simply Bags


Red Sox Custom Logo Bag

Red Sox Logo Custom Bag

This attractive custom boat bag was used for the Boston Red Sox spring training guests in 2014. The beautiful embroidered Red Sox logo accents this tote perfectly. A cotton canvas boat tote with navy blue trimmed side pockets and heavy rope handles. High quality construction with inside zippered pocket and snap closure.

Conference Logo Tote Bag


Conference Logo Tote Bag

This unique custom tote bag was designed joining two companies together for a destination function. Let Simply Bags create a practical and exclusive conference tote for your next seminar, convention or recognition gift.

We also specialize in imprinted promotional bags to promote your business or sports team.

Red Striped Custom Tote Bag 


Lynn University Logo Tote Bag

This custom logo tote bag was embroidered for Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida for an the Presidential Debate in the fall of 2012.
Featuring a red and white stripe canvas tote with a blue embroidered logo. The customer was delighted.

Wedding Logo Tote Bag


Logo Wedding Tote Bags

Share this special day with your honored guests and have them always remember the great event with a embroidered wedding tote bag with your logo or bridal invitation header. Latest summer beach bag fashions for destination weddings.

Shop our custom beach tote bag section for the bag of your choice.

Custom Wedding Tote Bag

Custom Wedding Tote - Ranch Style

What a great idea... This sweet bride featured her family brand from their ranch in Montana for her wedding day logo bags. I am sure all her guests were impressed.

Pick your bag, your logo and let Simply Bags create a very special wedding day memory. We also specialize in personalized tote bags for bridesmaids

Custom Canvas Bag With Embroidered Logo 

Colorado Academy - Custom Tote

Our striped 16 oz. canvas totes can be purchased in two sizes to fit your individual needs. Available in navy, hunter green, black and red with natural. Durable open totes with rope handles will make this a perfect usable tote for conventions, beach events or welcome bags.

Our turnaround time from logo set up to shipping is usually within 5-7 business days. Let Simply Bags help make your event complete.

Destination Wedding Bag

Destination Beach Wedding Bag

This nice quality striped jute beach tote was used for a destination renewing of vows in Aquamare, Virgin Gorda. A beach resort in the British Virgin Islands.

A bag for each guest was filled with beach necessities as a thank you from the couple for their travel and attendance this special day.

Custom Beach Tote Bag

Custom Logo Embroidered Beach Bag

This light weight cotton canvas tote trimmed in royal blue was used for a school organization traveling from the USA to Australia.

The two flags logo on the tote bag was filled with gifts for the host families and was sure to be well received. A perfect individual get-a-way or vacation travel tote.

Corporate Logo Bag Embroidered

Custom Logo Corporate Bag

This striped cotton jute beach tote was used for a travel convention for the Dyax corporation. Just an accent logo at the top will make this beach tote usable during and after the event.

Every beach tote in Simply Bags collection can be embroidered with a custom logo. Select the color and design that best suits your needs.

Sales Promotion Custom Bags

Custom Bag - Corporate Sales Conference

Simply Bags offers a large on going selection of beach totes for resort conventions, wedding destinations or family reunions and milestone events.

Any beach tote in our beach bag section may be customized with a logo, island name, family crest or monogram.

No minimum order for custom beach bags!


If you have a business conference, family gathering, or other group function on your calendar and would like to present your guests with a gift or goody bag, look no further than one of our custom embroidered tote bags to fulfill your requirement. Simply Bags offers a wide range of upscale totes, travel bags, computer bags, lunch and beach bags, and more. Our customizable bags will not only put a smile on the faces of your guests, but will also prove to be quite practical.

Our fully-customizable beach bags are perfect for a family reunion or wedding, while our duffel, sport, or custom team bags would make the perfect gift for an annual corporate golf outing. If you simply want to provide your conference guests with a practical souvenir that will help them tote their wares from point A to point B, our conference totes are the perfect solution, and can be customized with your unique company name or logo. Those who are planning a company awards, recognition, internal training session, you very well might find our selection of customizable lunch bags just the thing to keep their employees happy (and their stomachs full). Whatever your needs may be, we have a solution that is unique to you and your company.

We have a great deal of experience in working with corporations, large families, and other types of groups in order to provide the best branded tote bags to meet your needs. At Simply Bags, we have no limit or minimum