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We carry a line of Duffle Bags that are not only practical for sporting activities, but are the latest in fashion. Year after year our Duffels lead the way in sales.

Select from a huge variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. Personalized with embroidered name, monogram, sport team or business logo.

We have perfect duffle bag for overnight, the gym, cheerleading, dance group or travel.

Additional color combinations may be available for your team, call for information. 888-815-3455

Travel Duffel Bags|Monogrammed
Regular price: $51.99Sale price:$47.99
Monogrammed Blue Camo Weekend Tote Bag
Regular price: $42.99Sale price:$33.99
Champion Two-Toned Duffle Bag
Regular price: $7.83Sale price:$6.71
Custom Court Duffle Bag
Regular price: $10.99Sale price:$9.05
Cylindrical Duffle Sports Bag
Regular price: $6.37Sale price:$5.32
Deluxe Customized Duffle Bags
Regular price: $27.39Sale price:$26.03
Non-Woven Duffle Bags
Regular price: $6.53Sale price:$5.47
Custom Sports Duffle Bag
Regular price: $9.73Sale price:$8.64
Accent Color Fusion Duffle Bag
Regular price: $9.72Sale price:$8.68

Perhaps the sight of your old, worn-out gym or carry-on bag reminds you that the time to replace it has come, or maybe you are tired of searching through the mountain of black suitcases and duffle bags that litter the airport luggage carousel. Whatever your reasons may be, here you are, looking for a new duffle bag. Luckily, Simply Bags has a solution for you – and it just so happens to be only a click away!

Our Personalized duffle bags are one of our most popular gift items, and can make your trip to the gym or though the airport a stylish one. We make simple, classic duffle bags with clean lines and simple designs (like our satchel-styled Fashion Travel Bag), as well as multitasking designs (such as the utilitarian Camouflage Duffle Bag) with multiple storage pockets and external pouches for water bottles. Whatever you might be looking for, there is simply no substitute for the practicality of a duffle bag, and we have something to suit every style and taste.

Simply Bags has a wide variety of prints, colors, and fabrics to choose from, and all of our personalized duffle bags can be embroidered with a monogram, name, or logo. Our personalized duffle bags are perfect for traveling sports teams, as well as cheerleading and dance groups. Just imagine how much easier navigating an airport could be on your next team trip if every team member packs his or her gear in a personalized, easy-to-identify duffle from Simply Bags!

There are additional color combinations that are available for team and group orders, so if you don’t see your group’s colors on the site, send us an inquiry, and we will most likely be able to meet your needs.