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Simply Bags has just introduced, our kid’s corner. Colorful monogram backpacks and embroidered duffle bags for toddlers and pre-school. Personalize with name. Sized to fit the little girls and boys heading to Grandma's house, a play date, study group, overnight or travel.

Our new styles include the popular peace sign for girls, flowers, princess castle and butterfly. For the boys… camouflage, robot, monster truck and collage of sport balls. Add a monogrammed name, nick name or initial for a keepsake gift.

Back to School Backpack for Girls | Personalized
Regular price: $25.99Sale price:$18.99
Monogram Cosmetic Travel Bag
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$9.99
Rainbow Backpack Monogrammed
Regular price: $33.99Sale price:$27.99
Monogrammed Unicorn Backpacks
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$19.99
Personalized Dance Duffle Bag
Regular price: $33.99Sale price:$24.99
Boys Lunch Tote
Regular price: $17.99Sale price:$11.99
Monogrammed Work Lunch Bag
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$7.99
Cosmetic Bag Organizers | Pompom
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$9.99
Airplane Backpack for Kids | Monogram
Regular price: $34.99Sale price:$29.99
Girls Monogrammed Backpack
Regular price: $27.99Sale price:$15.99
Personalized Paisley Lunch Totes
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$14.99
Personalized Girls Preschool Backpack
Regular price: $28.99Sale price:$21.99
Pink Hologram Backpack for Girls
Regular price: $30.99Sale price:$19.99
Embroidered Elephant Backpacks
Regular price: $26.99Sale price:$19.99
Personalized Girls Preschool Backpack | Embroidered
Regular price: $28.99Sale price:$22.99
Embroidered Mini Youth Backpacks - Cats
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$12.99
Girls Unicorn Lunch Tote | Personalized
Regular price: $17.99Sale price:$11.99
Girls Mermaid Cute Cotton Tote
Regular price: $23.99Sale price:$13.99
Ballerina Accessory Pouch | Monogram
Regular price: $12.99Sale price:$9.99
Girls Ballerina Lunch Box
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$11.99
Monogram School Backpacks
Regular price: $27.99Sale price:$21.99
Mermaid Lunch Tote | Personalized
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$13.99
Embroidered Mermaid Lunch Tote Bag
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$11.99
Rocket Raccoon Galaxy Backpack | Personalized
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$21.99
Football Lunch Tote
Price: $16.99
Monogram Camouflage Backpack
Regular price: $34.99Sale price:$29.99
Whale Backpack | Monogram
Regular price: $25.99Sale price:$17.99
Boys Preschool Backpack Personalized - Baseball
Regular price: $21.99Sale price:$14.99
Personalized Quilted Cat Backpacks
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$24.99
Outer Space Lunch Bag | Personalized
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$11.99
Dinosaur Lunch Bag | Personalized
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$11.99
Robot Lunch Bag | Monogram
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$11.99
Girls Personalized Lunch Bags
Regular price: $15.99Sale price:$11.99
Monogram Stripe Lunch Tote
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$11.99
Unicorn Toddler Backpack | Monogram | Personalized
Regular price: $28.99Sale price:$22.99
Monogram Owl Lunch Bag for Kids
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$14.99
Monogrammed Mermaid Lunch Box
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$14.99
Elephant Backpack | Personalized | Monogram
Regular price: $28.99Sale price:$21.99
Personalized Princess Backpack
Regular price: $27.99Sale price:$22.99
Child Butterfly Lunch Bag | Personalized
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$14.99
Unicorn Lunch Bag | Personalized | Monogram
Regular price: $19.99Sale price:$14.99
Bugs Lunch Box
Price: $15.99
Kids Lunch Bag | Personalized
Regular price: $17.99Sale price:$11.99
Camo Cinch Backpack
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$7.99
Girls Butterfly Lunch Tote
Regular price: $16.99Sale price:$4.99
Flower Girl Bag
Regular price: $17.99Sale price:$5.99
Vinyl Owl Lunch Bag - Spider-Bugs
Regular price: $14.99Sale price:$4.99
Monogram Accessory Pencil Pouch
Regular price: $12.99Sale price:$6.99
Camp Pillowcase with Accessory Pouch | Personalized
Regular price: $31.99Sale price:$14.99
Personalized Girls Beach Bag
Regular price: $23.99Sale price:$14.99
Butterfly Hooded Beach Towel | Personalized | Embroidered
Regular price: $29.99Sale price:$19.99
Weekend Travel Bag | Monogram | Personalized
Regular price: $34.99Sale price:$28.99

For those who have young children at home, life can sometimes seem like a series of lost school books, forgotten backpacks, missing school supplies, and a seemingly endless stream of stuff that must be transported from one place to another. Whether you're looking for this year's back-to-school personalized backpack or a monogrammed tote bag that will hold both a lunchbox and a science project, Simply Bags brings you the Kid's Corner to meet your needs.

We stock colorful monogram backpacks, duffels, and lunch bags, in fun prints and captivating colors that your wee one is sure to love. At Simply bags, we don't just cater to school-age children; we also carry a range of personalized toddler backpacks that are specifically-sized to fit little girls and boys who may not be old enough for school just yet, but are certainly ready for a trip to the beach, to Grandma's, or on a family vacation.

Simply Bags has a large selection of prints and designs to choose from; everything from Dinosaurs to butterflies, peace signs, zoo animals, and camouflage are at your disposal, so you're sure to find something for everyone. Personalization is available on all of our children's items. Personalization not only gives a child's bag that unique touch, it also enables the child to more readily identify his or her bag in a sea of possibilities in a busy school cloak room. Choose from a one to three-letter monogram or name to add to your favorite bag, and we'll make it happen!

At Simply Bags, no order is too small. Embroidered children's bags make great gifts for scout and dance groups as well, so if you see something that you think might suit your group and would like to discuss a custom order, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call – we love hearing from our customers!