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Our quilted bags are lightweight, soft and come in floral, solids, and polka dot trim. All bags personalized FREE.

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Pattern Tote Bag
Price: $27.99
Camo Tote Bag
Price: $31.99
Shoulder Tote Bag with Monogram - Oversized
Price: $34.99

A quilted tote bag is truly one of the most time-honored styles there is. Today, quilted bags have become such a popular style, they can be found virtually everywhere; from ultra high-end luxury retailers to small, artisan shops. If you think you might be in the market for a quilted tote, you can rest assured that the popularity of this style will only be exceeded by the enduring nature of this classic design.

Whether you are looking to use your tote bag for toting school books, your gym clothes, or for use as an overnight bag or travel carry-on, Simply Bags is sure to have a style that speaks to you. New moms will appreciate our oversized quilted Floral and Paisley Tote Bags, which will keep you and the wee one well-supplied with everything you might need as you go about your daily adventures. Sailors may find that our quilted totes make the perfect accessory for transporting food and other necessities to and from the boat, and as ever, the classic design of the simple Small Quilted Tote Bags make excellent gifts for a wedding party or a bachelorette night out.

All of our quilted tote bags are fully customizable with either a name or a three-letter monogram, creating a unique and one of a kind item that is as fun to look at as it is practical. Additionally, customization allows you to find your particular bag quite readily if you are traveling in a large group, thus lessening the potential for any travel slip-ups when you can least afford it. Best of all, our quilted tote bags are lightweight and flexible enough to be folded down to fit into larger handbags or suitcases, making it possible to always have that extra bag for the beach or for souvenir or grocery purchases along the way.

At Simply Bags, we offer such a variety in fun colors, prints, and fabrics; you may find that your biggest problem is deciding on only one design!